Secure, Public URLs for Access to Internal TCP and HTTP Services

Local databases, Web Services, Game Servers or any selected TCP process running behind NAT or a Firewall.

Free Webhook Proxy with replay and multiple actions based off one trigger.

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Portz sits in front of our AWS and Azure infrastructure. It allows our employees to quickly get secure access to our data warehouses, while allowing our admins one place to monitor activity, control permissions, and lockdown access when needed.”

Infrastructure Engineer

Replaying webhook requests has been a game changer for our development. In some cases, we just use the email notification for hooks until we have the time to code.

Senior Developer

Portz allows me to grant access to my Minecraft server to only the players I know and trust. I can either control who gets in via their IP address, or I give them a trusted Portz account so they can manage it themselves.”

Minecraft Player and Hoster

Use Cases

Easily allow and control connections to your own hosted game servers (Minecraft, ARK, Rust, Interstellar Rift, Counter-Strike, L4D2...for example), without having to mess with routers, firewalls, or VPNs. Grant access to your trusted players to connect from any location, they are in control of their own Portz tunnel. You can quickly block malicious traffic and monitor all activity.


  • WEBHOOKS - Simply run an agent on your local machine and use Portz as a replay proxy for debugging. Send emails or additional HTTP POST triggered by the regular webhook. Use an agent to run locally or choose the Direct configuration to call public addresses.
  • Give quick, secure access to 3rd party SaaS IDE's and Data tools. (example: Github Codespaces, Google Colab, Jupyter Notebooks)
  • Allow a trusted party to SSH into your machine to help troubleshoot a problem
  • Quickly serve out a local website or RESTFUL interface for others to use

Gain access to your customer's on-site database quickly and easily . A customer does not need to be technically savvy. They just download and install an agent and grant you access in minutes. No need to teach them about how to open a port in their firewall or hire a contractor to come setup their network. It also gives the customer peace of mind because they are in control and can monitor usage.

Cloud or On-site administrators can manage all of the access requests for 3rd party SaaS applications.  Some employees want to use Google Colab, while others need to use Mode. VPN's don't work, Portz does. Admins can quickly block malicious traffic, grant access to trusted users, and monitor all activity.

Let Portz make your Access Management Easier

SaaS Access

Provide access to databases or other services for SaaS reporting, analytics, ETL, replication, no-code, low-code platforms.

Simple to Manage

Grant access permanently or temporarily. Be alerted to suspicious activity. Block access quickly without having to rewrite all of your access rules.


Get a unique URL where you can send HTTP or webhook requests. Create actions to relay the requests to multiple locations. Debug and replay wehbook events.

Remote Agent

Install a lightweight application on Windows, Linux, or Mac on a computer with network access to the services that need to be shared. No need to wait for Network administrators. Be up and running in MINUTES.

Direct Access

Using the classic approach, Portz behaves like a normal proxy. Grant access to a Portz list of ip addresses and you are off and running, using Portz to manage users and SaaS services access.

Smart Monitoring

Reporting on bytes in/out based off service and client. Users can be capped for data usage for a given period of time. Alerts sent when user-defined thresholds are reached.

Remote Agent Applications

Installation in Minutes for both 32-bit and 64-bit Systems.

Setup on any computer that can access services you want to securely share.

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IP Access Templates for many SaaS services

Portz has many of the IP Addresses needed to Whitelist for popular SaaS services. Adding more and more every day.